Muscles don’t age so much as they degrade with improper movement, and they can be restored to a younger version.

Your body probably isn’t working the way it was meant to.

Our bodies have several ways to accomplish a given physical task, but due to the sedentary and automated lifestyle of this and the last few centuries, we end up relying solely on our backup systems.

Performing workouts, or even daily activities, using the wrong muscles and movements, will eventually take a toll on even the heartiest of constitutions. For most of us, we aren’t even breathing correctly (diaphragmatically) let alone walking, running, or doing CrossFit correctly. This seems fine for a given number or years and repetitions, but eventually these wrong movements start showing up as nagging aches and pains.

We can restore our bodies to a younger version with proper care.

Muscles don’t age so much as they degrade with improper movement, and they can be restored to a younger version. Our bodies are meant to be resilient and sturdy well into our Winter years. Pain is never, ever random in the body; it is always a signal of something needing attention. The cardinal sin is believing that we are running, squatting, or performing our sport of choice in a way that isn’t ultimately degrading to our tissue health.

The wiring in your body is similar to the wiring in your house; if you flip a light switch and your dishwasher starts, your house is mis-wired. If you take a breath and your chest heaves, your BODY is mis-wired. Together, we will re-wire your system to work the way it was meant to, you will feel the way you used to, and you will accomplish things you either didn’t think possible, or didn’t think were possible any longer. Fixing these issues is the absolute fastest way to get you feeling and performing like a younger, more robust and energetic version of yourself.

How I can help get your body rewired to function properly.

One of the first things we’ll do is sit down for a consultation and really dig into your history and goals. I want to have a complete understanding of who you are and what you want to accomplish, and I believe it’s foolhardy to undertake a plan as important as changing your body without all the information and a clear set of goals. I believe that The most rewarding thing one can experience is progress, and to that end you’ll find that I work just as hard as you, if not harder, toward your goal. At Advanced Results Fitness and Massage, you’ll feel the one-on-one attention that can only lead to success.