Let's Rewire Your Body

The wiring in your body is similar to the wiring in your house; if you flip a light switch and your dishwasher starts, your house is mis-wired. If you take a breath and your chest heaves, your BODY is mis-wired. Fixing these issues is the absolute fastest way to get you feeling and moving better than ever before.


One of the first things we’ll do is sit down and really dig into your physical history, learn about your auto accident injury, and discuss goals for healing. I want to have a complete understanding of who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Rest assured that when we begin a plan towards healing, you will understand your responsibilities, my responsibilities, and what our treatment path and timeline looks like. You’ll find that I work just as hard as you, if not harder, toward your goal.


Everybody is different, and every body is different too. So doesn't it follow that pain therapy should be different for every body? Most "healers" solve problems with a single tool. Over the years I’ve developed and honed many treatment modalities and have a lot of options in my toolkit, so I'm able to pick and choose the best combination of massage, movement re-education, and physical therapy to get results for your body.


Marrying massage services with strength and movement training helps hit that reset button on your body faster and more permanently than either discipline alone, and redirects you toward proper and lasting recovery. It's common for patients to warm up on one exercise, hop on the table for some deep-tissue bodywork, then hop back off and continue the session with an immediate increase in mobility.


No amount of massage, chiropractic care, yoga, or strength training can fix pain caused by improper movement — as long as you’re moving wrong, the pain will return. You’ll learn how to rewire your body so you can tap into the correct prime movers and stop relying on backup systems. You'll be amazed by how much better your body functions when your body starts moving the way it is designed to.


Rehabilitation happens when you feel like the conductor of the machine that is your body, instead of a guest inside of it. The process begins as you learn to move and breathe as you were meant to. It ends when what you've learned is reflexive: When you can move your arms independently from your shoulders. When walking is driven by your glutes and transmitted up a stiff trunk. When you are moving, breathing, digesting,resting and LIVING better than ever before!