Charles Kent, Owner, LMT

Karen Kent, LMT


Hi, I'm Charles.

I'm here to help you feel and move better than you ever have before. For the past fifteen years I've helped people find freedom from pain and suffering using a combination of massage therapy, body realignment, and movement re-education. It is my passion, and my gift, to heal people.

Every day, whether I'm at New Seasons or the mall, I see people trapped inside bodies that don't perform as they should. Pain and discomfort — whether the result of hours spent oriented toward a computer, or triggered by an auto accident injury — do not have to be a part of your life.

I'd love to help you heal, and rediscover how great it can feel to live in your body.

If you have an auto accident injury and you're in pain, don't accept it as a part of life. Please, get in touch today.

All my best,


Hi I’m Karen,

My massage style is more relaxation based, but I have a heavy background in deep tissue and sports massage as well! I get tremendous satisfaction from helping people find their way out of pain, and am accepting new female clients only at this time. I can accept auto accident and certain health insurance patients as well. My availability is limited, so please contact us directly to get scheduled with me!

In health,