I will be a patient for years to come, even though my pain has subsided. I have learned that physically conditioning never truly ends. Come meet him, try it out, you will feel the difference after one session.
— Auto Injury Massage Patient

"What Charles brings to the table is like nothing I’ve experienced in my whole (semi) athletic career. With 10 minutes of our first meeting he was diagnosing issues based on the way I moved. Laid me on the table for a quick massage and found more problems.

He has helped me understand my body, why it moves the way it moved and how to correct the movement issues I have. With his ability to educate while holding me accountable I have changed my attitude about who I am and who I can be."

-       Ben G.

"Charles has changed my life.

After two-plus years of hip pain I finally decided to do something about it. I went to a physical therapist and saw virtually no change. I went to Charles on a recommendation from a friend and it was the best decision that I ever made to enhance my active lifestyle. I was just hoping to get some massages to cure my pain, but Charles knew that I needed more than that for the pain to stop.

He worked with me weekly to help me change the way I use my body to ensure that I would not further injure myself. What was once a daily pain has gone away and I now have confidence that I am using the proper muscles to prevent a relapse in pain. I have been complimented by others on my improved posture.

All of that is great, but Charles goes further. He CARES. His dedication and enthusiasm towards his work and clients is inspiring. He takes the time to understand you personal learning style and tailors his style to communicate with you in a way that is understandable and applicable to your lifestyle."

-       Michelle B.

"A few months ago I tore my MCL. When I first went to see Charles I went in with a brace on and using crutches, not able to support my own weight. After some massage and a few exercised I was off my crutches and able to walk. Mind-blowing! The second time I came in I explained to him the challenge I was having with stairs at home. He addressed that need right away and showed me how to put my body in the correct position to be able to make it up and down stairs. He was able to get me moving around and working on my body which, as an athlete who spends every day coaching and training some kind of sport, is extremely crucial to not only my physical health but also mentally. I would recommend not hesitating to make an appointment if you have any sort of physical need. He is also great people!"

-       Nicolette B.

"After seeing Charles just two times in one month, my pains are nearly gone! My strength is almost completely back, and not only that but the main thing that separates Charles from other specialist is that he listens, offers advice, and through his personal experiences, has the knowledge of education on how to prevent future injuries for your physical activities and daily life."

-       Stephen D.

"Charles is undoubtedly the best trainer and massage therapist that I’ve worked with. His understanding of the human body is remarkable; it’s not just that he knows what to look for, but that he actually understands why we experience the pain and physical limitations that we do. Moreover, he knows how to alleviate these obstacles."

-       Erin D.

"A little over a year ago, I was on the recipient end of a high-speed car accident. I was having daily migraines and couldn’t complete basic every day activities since the pain was so extreme; for someone like me that meant a complete lifestyle change. For about six months, I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, attempting to learn what injuries I had accrued. No one could give me a concise answer, but all agreed that prescription medications would surely “fix” the problem, and sent me on my way.

My dramatic spiral downward landed me in a depression; I wasn’t capable of taking care of myself and felt incredible helpless. I met Charles by sheer chance, through a friend, seven months after the accident. I had never experienced deep tissue massage, but heard but it could work miracles. It did exactly that. Within two sessions, my migraines disappeared. I was able to ride horses without needing to medicate before, or afterward. Within a month I was able to jog and complete light exercises. I currently have no weight limits, activity restriction and am entering the re-training process of how to properly move. yes, I am learning how to walk the right way!

I scarcely need pain management sessions, and that’s only when I do something completely stupid. Charles has fixed me. Anyone who experiences the pitfalls of our current medical system understanding how it feels to be a file name, rather than a human being. How being prescribed medications worsens conditions, not solves the issues. Charles had not only healed me physically, but has inspired and motivated me to be a better me than before the accident. My overall well being as a whole, something I had lost merely months ago. I will be a patient for years to come, even though my pain has subsided. I have learned that physically conditioning never truly ends. Come meet him, try it out, you will feel the difference after one session."

-       Del P.

"I’ve been working with Charles for the past two years. I came to him strictly for massage. I have chronic, deep hip flexor, quad, and hamstring pain and tightness that was causing shooting nerve pain down my left leg. Charles helped me to learn that my pain came from a combination of stored up emotional tension from my past and years of dysfunctional movement patterns (crossing my legs, leaning forward to read my computer, etc.) In a short time of seeing Charles, I became hooked.

Resolving years of dysfunctional patterns is extremely challenging. What I most appreciate about Charles is his willingness to meet me where I am and to go the extra mile to help me achieve my goals. He has a gift at taking even the most complex issues and breaking them down into more manageable, goal driven exercises/activities. All of the exercises we do are tailored specifically toward meeting my individual goals and physical needs.

Today, I am completely out of chronic pain. My posture it more upright and I exude a confidence that I didn’t have two years ago.  I am stronger, more physically functional, and more conscious of what my body telling me than ever before. I have more energy and stamina to do the things I love. I feel like a better, more whole human being."

-       Megan E.