Working out should never degrade your body, posture, or structural integrity.

Setting up your personal training goals.

I go into it in more detail in my philosophy section, but my overriding approach to training is centered around the concepts that working out should never degrade your body, posture, or structural integrity. Moving well should be the goal of every training program, which – when done correctly – will support and more quickly and permanently facilitate every other goal you have, from pain relief to sports performance to fat loss.

The Bruce Lee (among many other famous and successful people) approach to life is to try everything, keep what works, and discard what doesn’t. Over the past 14 years and 19,000 hours I’ve applied the same idea. During this time I have discarded the nonsense fitness ideas and modalities that aren’t rooted in science and don’t work. Instead focusing on effective, powerful training paradigms. I don’t believe that there is only one narrow road to get someone to their goal, since life doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but that it’s important to set a plan of action that can to be adjusted as life changes to keep on track effectively and efficiently. I use a combination of any of the following training modalities to accomplish clients’ goals: kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight training, and boxing/kickboxing.

Determining a diet that is right for you.

Nutrition is a fascinating area. There is new research coming out weekly that’s worthwhile to read and keep up on. What I’ve learned through the years though is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to meal plans or optimal progress for each person. Just as one person can have five drinks and be fine the next day, and someone else can have one or two and feel awful the following day. So too is each individual’s metabolism different and unique, and won’t respond the same way to every nutritional approach. Our goal will be to see what meal plan will be effective for each person, and then find a way to apply that to their current lifestyle without too much disruption. Some of the nutrition strategies that will be explored are intermittent fasting, paleo, carb-cycling, the Superman diet, ketosis or lower carb/higher fat, and plain old calorie counting. One way or another there is a meal plan that will feel right and click for each person. I will guide you through the sometimes murky process of finding yours.

Using the above training modalities as our movement foundation, and tailoring a nutrition plan to fit each person’s needs, we can move quickly and permanently in the direction of a stronger, healthier, and pain-free body.

How I can help you reach your fitness goals.

My athletic and physical background has been varied, and I’ve used myself as a guinea pig of sorts by competing in powerlifting, strongman, Olympic lifting, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, football, tennis, and running. I’ve deadlifted 700 pounds, pulled double-decker buses in competition, and run half-marathons. I’ve been as light as 155 pounds and 2.7% bodyfat and as heavy as 240 pounds. I’ve also experimented with nearly every meal plan and nutritional approach so as to experience and learn about them first hand. Also during the course of my athletic pursuits I’ve injured or tweaked and had to heal nearly any injury or strain one can sustain. If something hurts on you I can almost certainly relate on a personal level and just as surely heal or greatly help it. With my aggregate experience I’ve developed an expertise in many physical disciplines, including sports performance, injury prevention/rehabilitation/prehabilitation, postural restoration, and strength gain. I truly love and gain fulfillment from working with individuals to help them rise to their fullest potential.

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